Why do so many people fail to lose weight? Is Hard Work Not Enough?

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Why do so many people fail to lose weight? Is Hard Work Not Enough?

Every year millions of people put weight loss as the new year resolution, most of them never start and few who somehow manages to start to give up midway without reaching the goal. Is following a proper weight loss goal that tough? Yes, and no, there is no doubt about the fact that weight loss is not like weight gain where things happen automatically, you have gained weight, and now you have to work twice hard to lose that weight.

Having a healthy diet plan and workout routine does not mean you are going to lose weight if you are not following it. The problem with most people is the unrealistic expectation; this is especially true in cases of women. They see all those fake products advertisements telling them that they can lose weight in two months. But do you know how much you can drop in two months? Because with regular dieting and excessive you will lose 5 to 6 pounds in extreme cases.

The process of weight loss is slow, and it needs to be followed very carefully. Forget about the cheat days, until you achieve the goals forget that there is anything like that exist. Although this sounds a bit random out of nowhere, what can I say it just came out because of my experience.

What is the primary reason for failure?

Lack of planning, when you start weight loss, you never plan for a meal for more than one day. Every day you spend hours thinking about what feed you can eat and suppressing the cravings for food that you could have eaten. A lot of energy is spending what to eat on an everyday basis. This needs to stop; you need to plan at least a whole week and then plan for another; this day-to-day planning is a waste of time and makes us more vulnerable to failure.

How to stay motivated?

Honestly, this is something that you need to dig deep or is there on the surface. Having a good motivation to lose weight will help in the long run. We need to lose weight, and we need motivation, how about staying healthy and fit. I know a lot of women wants to lose weight because they want to fit into some dress and want to look beautiful, but is it true that specific weight category is more beautiful than others.  This reason adds additional stress and quite frankly can even cause depression and other problems. So, pick a healthy motivation.

How about following a fad diet?

Do you know how many fad diets are available over the internet and are endorsed by celebrities, every celebrity who loses weight launches the products that they not have used once? Who is topping them. Fad diets will come and go, and there will be one that works for all. Most of them are unhealthy and can long-term damage to our body. We need to follow the balanced diet and workout. The only option for healthy weight loss.

Should we have cheat days?

If you do a little bit of research, you will find that there are thousands of recipes that are4 good and healthy. Many substitutes for unhealthy food. The reason I am telling this is that in the back of our mind cheat day is something very special; we tend to love this food a lot more than we are eating. And if given a chance we will eat this food only. This reduces the taste of the regular food.

No, nothing goes wrong in the taste buds, it is all psychological.

Unrealistic expectations

Many people fail because of unrealistic expectations; weight loss will not work the way most weight loss products are advertised. We never lose weight in an instant over few weeks if we are healthy. We need to have a realistic goal to follow. This is why we suggest having a goal of losing 3 to 4 pounds a month Initially and then you may increase it. This is reasonable and quite frankly achievable.

Initially, the pace of weight loss is slow, our body gets acclimatized to the process but as the time passes we get the better results and eventually can achieve the goal.

In the end, all we will say about the process of weight loss is that you need a right approach and motivation and if you can find a partner to work with, the results will be better, and you two can help and support each other.

A healthy life is easy and brings a lot of happiness and saves money too. It may seem like a painful experience in the beginning, but you can quickly turn this into the fruitful thing in your life.

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